Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Cushion Mission

Foam and Fabric....

We needed to replace all the cushions in the trailer. We purchased to pieces of 4" thick foam. One at 60" X 80" for the back cushions for the bed and one at 30" X 72" for the front bench.
We traced the wooden front bench on to the smaller peice of foam for the shape and we glued on a short piece on the end. (We did this rather than buying a second larger piece at twice the cost).

The back bed cushions required some thought as to how to cut the cushions so when the table was up the would fit along the backs of the seating area. The picture shows the pieces that were cut. This also left a 14" leftover piece which we will use as a 14" high backrest for the front bench.

We are using some fun fabric to cover the cushions. My theme for this decorating truly reveals my personality. We are going with a "Country Girl" style.
To pull this all together we are covering the cuchions with blue jean material with tan suede detail along the edges. We will also be using tan and chocolate suede for the curtains and the pink is for some fluffy pillows!

I am a country girl and camper at heart. I am so looking forward to getting this project in useable condition so I can get out and connect with nature. I am sure when this comes together that I will be the coolest camper at the campground!

Thanks again to my parents for helping me turn this dream into a reality!

More to be revealed.


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