Thursday, October 2, 2008

The "Classy" Countertop

After the benches project, my Dad went to work on building the countertop unit....complete with sink, propane stove and bar fridge!! He shaped the counter in a rounded way because he came to really love working with rounded edges on the round little camper (ya right). The curves looked great.....

But what we weren't prepared for was how classy the countertop would look with the fermica that I chose....we thought the "country girl" theme would be a little tackier - not quite so classy. Dad offered to tear it out but no way - it made the whole trailer look AWESOME!! Thanks Dad!

Dad had somehow managed to extend the counter to give me a shelf on the right side - which is over the bench only a bit. This is unused space anyways and even if someone was to sleep on the bench that end is where their feet would go. The table also looks amazing with this finishing touch. We still need to get trim to finish the edges but I am very pleased with my little dining room! Dad attched the table with a clip to the wall so the table is steardy
.....and we got to try it out (taken at a later date)....our first dinner in the "Shypod"!!

Dad also has been busy mounting the battery boxes to the back of the Boler. One box contains the battery, and the other holds the inverter and converter (which I am still learning the purpose of). All I need to know is that I will soon have electricity for my lights and fridge, running water for my sink and a working propane stove - all the luxuries this princess could ever wish for!

Mom has one more cushion to cover which serves as the back rest at the front. She has finished it but I have not yet seen her creative idea on this. The back rest makes sitting here much more comfortable and here's Dad & I trying it out!

Getting so much closer to Gettin' 'R Done! (and so grateful for all the help from my Mom & Dad!)


nancie said...

hey shy, i think this is the best blog ever.
people need to realize that this just isnt your blog or trailer, this is about family time and family matters.
great job hun and keep up the good work.

your life time friend

Kate T-C said...

Nice blog! I saw the picture on Pintrest and came to check out your project! I love this cute little camper, and the name "ShyPod" is pretty much awesome. We have a little 17ft trailer, and I really love camping in it. I think having a smaller living space really makes you focus more on the "camping" part of camping, and less on all of the RV distractions. Are you going to put a TV in there? My parents still can't understand why we haven't put a TV in ours, but I like the quiet. :) Thanks for sharing! I am going to bookmark this site to see where you take the ShyPod!