Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Boler Benches

For the front bench; we decided it would be nicer to access the storage space by adding doors to the top of the bench so you wouldn't have to get on your hands and knees to get stuff out from underneath. Dad cut out 3 doors to allow this access.

Then to hold the doors in place - framing was done on the underside to make a lip for the doors to rest on. this allowed them to sit perfectly in their place

So I painted the bench while Dad started on the next job of cutting a face plate for the front of the bench. The sides of the Boler are raised a bit higher then the centre so a few measurements were made and of course - the challenge of the rounded sides to make it fit just right.

Then I painted the two back benches with a high-duability paint. This made them look brand new and although I do expect some scuffs from peoples shoes while sitting at the table - I hope they will easily wash off (or I'll just paint over it!)

Dad moved on to securing the cupboard/microwave stand to the side of the Boler. He did this by attaching small pieces of wood to the inside of the cupboard and screwing in from the outside.

We called it a day after this so then I just took a few pictures of my appliances before they were installed. My new fridge, bar sink, propane stove, and microwave. With all these little luxuries you can hardly call it "camping"!

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